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Custom Cars and Bike Website

We never limit the number of photos a client can use

Welcome Message Here

Introduction to the business and the staff.


This is the content area and is page and subject specific.

This sample is to demo the actual design and not the content, content and design are separate subjects.  Text and photos are considered content and we add those using photos we take on the premises.  We never limit the number of photos a client can add to their website, we simply put them on a budgeted schedule of updates.

We update content regularly, the basic website (we call the shell) contains your basic important information that Google requires in their search engines.  Content is added on a regular basis during the management stages of your website.

This section typically displays a welcome message, summary of what you do and who you are as a business, then we link to your “About Us” page so they can get additional information.

This is a page demo

We do not limit the number of pages a client can have.  We simply budget the updates based on their needs and business goals.  All updates are designed to target search engines.

We create a real, fully functioning website that is updated on a regular basis and positioned well in the search engines to grow your customer base.